The treasurer shall:

(a) maintain the financial records of the council concerned and have them appropriately audited or examined annually
(b) receive all League monies and pay all accounts as authorized
(c) be a signing officer for all official documents
(d) present a report of revenues and expenditures at meetings
(e) prepare and monitor annual budget

Bev Michaud

Bev’s home parish is Holy Redeemer in Sudbury where she has held the positions of Treasurer, Christian Family Life Chairperson, President-Elect and two separate terms as President. She joined the CWL in 1988 and has made many good friends through her years at Holy Redeemer. Her council has awarded her the Maple Leaf Service Pin and also a Certificate of Merit last year. She was also involved in the building of the new Church as she served on the Finance Committee at the time. Bev was raised and attended school in Orillia, ON and moved to Sudbury in 1968 with a cousin who wanted a roommate for a while. She left for a while but decided to return for a good job opportunity. She has been married to her husband, Rick Michaud, for 42 years. They are both retired now and enjoying reading, fishing, gardening & travelling (she reads while he fishes).   Previously, she worked as Payroll/HR Supervisor at the Sudbury Community Care Access Centre and has a working background in finance.

Bev served as chairperson for the 2015 Diocesan Convention held in Sudbury and spent her first two years on the Diocesan Executive as Communications Chairperson. She is now serving her 2nd term as Diocesan Treasurer and welcomes the challenge this poses. She is looking forward to the next two years.