The Resolutions Standing Committee is tasked with:

(a) research and preparation of resolutions and briefs

(b) study and implementation of resolutions adopted by other levels

(c) at provincial and national levels, presentation of resolutions to government

Sue Godin

Sue was born in December 1945 of Arthur and Alice Dupuis (deceased 1909-1993 respectively) and is the youngest of five children.   Two girls and three boys of which the eldest and youngest brother live in Sudbury.  She married Andre Godin on February 24th1968 in Notre Dame de L’Esperance church in Val Caron.  Sue and Andre have two married children who between them have given them four beautiful grandchildren.

At age fifteen, Sue and some members of her family were in a tragic car accident through no fault of theirs.  This accident changed her journey, having femur fracture left her bed bound in hospital for three months. Sue had a lot of time to reflect on what she wanted to do with her life.   She had hoped to pursue a career in nursing, but after spending so much time in the hospital had reconsidered.  Secretarial work had always been in the back of her mind also but due to the fact sitting long periods of time were difficult for her, she rejected the idea.  Her brother’s wife who was a hairdresser suggested she might consider becoming a stylist.  Sue has worked as a hairstylist for most of her life.  It was a good fit for her.  She really enjoyed going to work every day, listening to people share their life’s journey with her.  She took this time transforming their outside look and hopefully their inside look by just being a good listener.  Sue believes God uses our Gifts wherever we are with whomever we are with.

Sue became a CWL Member in 1992 because her mother was a member.  She became active for a very short time on the executive after her children got married.  She became active again in 2009 serving as correspondence secretary, recording secretary.   She was nominated for President of St. Kevin’s Counsel 2014-2015 and is currently the past president.  Sue enjoys St. Kevin’s parish and though she is bilingual and could attend other churches in the valley, she enjoys the church’s open untraditional space.  She has been part of the choir for many years, children’s liturgy and pastoral council.  Sue made her first commitment to be an associate of the Sisters of St. Joseph in the year 2000.  She values her time spent with her csj associates sharing her faith journey.  Through her love of reading spiritual writers, Sue has  discovered she has a mind of a new beginner as Richard Rohrs refers to, always having an open mind and a will to learn “More”