What’s New?

The Unity Outreach Program

Our National executive have launched a Unity Outreach program to have ALL councils at ALL levels visited by an executive member from the level above. The visits to our Parish councils by our Diocesan executive members have begun. The goal is to ask the councils how they are doing, what they are proud of, what suggestions for change they may have, and to listen to their concerns. We pray that blessings and good things will come from these dialogues!

Lisa speaking at our 103rd Diocesan Convention in April in Sudbury

Join the Catholic Women’s League!

  • Form new friendships and meet other women that share your faith and values
  • Share your time and talents with your community, for “it is in giving that we receive”
  • Be part of a national sisterhood of Catholic women who promote awareness of and respond to political and social issues that affect us all
  • Help change the world through your service to the parish, community and nation…and have fun doing it!

For more information or to join the CWL, please contact us!